Mount Saint Helens – Worm Flows

There was nothing more magical than walking under starlight (and headlamps). The best moment of our climb was to witness St. Helens glowing in silent darkness, and gradually lighting up like a film developing in darkroom. The sheer volume of the mountain was so much more mind-blowing in dark than daylight.

It is not all about summiting. It is about the experience, partnership, and inspiration to find out more and more and more about the mountains.







Hood glowing in pink. It seemed so serene, elegant and romantic, yet it is fierce and merciless. The same morning a Seattle climber tragically died after falling just below its summit. RIP🕯️



The sheer volume of the mountain was magnificent, overwhelming, and mindblowing. Get out and feel small.



Sensational sunrise over Mt Adams.











Girls in crampons.



F with Adams in the back.



There she is, across the crater. THE mountain.



Giant cornice.



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